Things I’ve Learned While Dog Training

Photo of a puppy with black fur, laying on a red pillow.
Day 1 and I was crying while taking the picture.

Early in 2021, I got a puppy. I wouldn’t exactly call her a pandemic dog; in my defense, my mother adopted her for me on the grounds that I needed a distraction from my anxiety, as well as the fact that we were grieving a very beloved dog who’d passed of old age four months prior. While we’ve had, and still have, dogs before, this one was the first one we ever trained from scratch.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from training my now 8-month old puppy:

  1. Dogs, especially puppies, are pure instinct
She’s so grown up and professional now.

Mika is a Mexican writer and translator, pretender, pet-lover, and a mess at 1 in the morning



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Mika AM

Writer, daydreamer, procrastinator. Always late to the party but loves platypus(es)